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Theatrical Consulting

Scott Bedell, founder of Langdon Designs, is here to provide reliable, independent, professional, and technical advice for your theatrical company or venue. Understanding the artistic, operational, technical and commercial needs of all types of venues, there is no project too big or too small for our independent consulting.  Whether it is working on a multi-million dollar fine arts center or installing a small sound console for a junior high school.  We are here to help you.  

More often than not, fine arts centers, school districts, convention centers, and other venues will rely on the current staff to help make large decisions on theatrical venues.  Scott Bedell provides a professional lens from an outside perspective on your current project or issue.  Many times high schools relying on teaching staff to make fine arts decisions ending up with more class driven decisions with short term benefits (e.g. Choir director pushing forward the choir program agenda) and not well rounded theatrical decisions to benefit everyone utilizing the facility.

Bedell has consulted on the multiple projects.  Ranging from the multi-million dollar Wentz Concert Hall in Naperville, Illinois to a couple hundred dollar project for Minooka Community Consolidated School District 201 in Minooka, Illinois.  When Bedell and his company Langdon Designs say there is no project too big or too small, they mean it.  

Contact Langdon Designs today for help on your next big or small project.  


Theatrical & Live Event Design

Scenic Design

As a scenic designer, Bedell works through countless hours of preparation to set a story and collaborate with the production team to establish one unified vision for a show.  His designs strive to achieve innovative originality that establishes the director's vision while building on the overall motif of the production. 

Bedell is a modern designer that utilizes AutoCAD, Vector Works, and other modeling software to create realistic transformable models.  The size, shape, color, and all other aspects are adaptable in such a way that the production management team can quickly make changes and commit these changes into structural drawings for the master carpenter.  Below are two examples of auto cad renderings and performance photos. 

You Cant Take It With You Complete Set Image
You Cant Take It With You AutoCad Rendering

You Can't Take It With You presented at the Barnes Performing Arts Center

Anything Goes Full Complete Set
Anything Goes AutoCad Rendering

Anything Goes presented at the Barnes Performing Arts Center

Furthermore, Bedell is skilled as a technical director and master carpenter.  He creates fully working structural renderings for each of his scenic designs guaranteeing that the designs look to specification from start to finish.  

For a complete look at all of Scott Bedell's productions please visit the Production History page.

Sound Design

From recording to playback, Bedell has worked closely with numerous productions to create one of kind sound designs.   It is Bedell's belief that sound design is integral to every production and not just an afterthought.  As a sound designer, Bedell often reads the script for first impressions prior to sitting down with the director.  Then after getting an overall feeling for the number of options in which the sound design could help the production, he will sit down with the director and production team to see how sound can help establish the overall themes and messages desired within the production.  Using sound, just like lighting, to paint a picture of what is already established and adding to the production. 

Bedell has been nominated numerous times for KCACTF (Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival) recognition of his sound designs and awarded regionally the KCACTF award for sound design in a production multiple times.  

Using QLab, SFX, and other sound presentation software are just a few of the tricks that Bedell incorporates to make his sound designs hyper-realistic helping to immerse the audience in the theatrical experience. 

For a complete look at all of Scott Bedell's productions please visit the Production History page.

Light and Projection Design

Trained in multiple forms of lighting, Bedell specializes in concert, theatrical, and dance lighting.  Putting on over 150 concerts, 50 live theatrical events, and 100 dance presentations, Bedell has seen it, hung it, and flipped every technique on its head at least once to achieve desired lighting effects for performances.  Whether working with the most skilled directors and requests or a brand new dancer that is just starting to establish their style, Bedell has programmed and envisioned looks 

Keeping up to date on technology through USITT and LDI, Bedell primarily works with ETC, Strand, or computer only light control consoles.  For projections Bedell has used QLAB, Liveworship, Isadora, and other software.  With this software in combination with CAD and DMX simulation software, Bedell is able to work with multiple venues, performances, and other professionals to establish the desired looks for an event. 

Theatrical Management & Marketing

Theatrical Management

Working in theatrical management since 2009, Bedell brings over ten years of experience towards managing a venue.  Whether you need a consult or someone to step in to fill a big vacancy, Bedell can assist you in finding the right form of venue management.   

Theatrical Marketing

Return of investment is highly important when talking about marketing.  Every venue, event, or other presentation need some form of marketing.  Ranging from free marketing (word of mouth) to television spots, Bedell has created marketing plans from scratch for numerous events and facilities.  Furthermore, the world of social media has forever changed the way marketing exists.  It is an exciting time for theatrical marketing.  Images, videos, and the online advertisement marketplace has created a treasure trove of resources for the marketing savvy individual.  Contact Bedell today to see how your marketing plan could step into the next generation. 

Website Design & Management

Website Design Services

Specializing in website design services, Bedell is skilled at full stack web development.  He offers a full array of services to help your company reach ideal online presence.  Whether you need a site built from the ground up, consultation on improving your site, or some other form of assistance or integration, Bedell has a solution for you at Langdon Designs.


Creating a unique identity is critical in the modern online marketplace.  Langdon Designs ensures that your online presence is unique, responsive, and accessible without compromising imagination or functionality.


Responsive web design is crucial for all modern websites.  With the increased use of phones, tablets, fab-lets, TVs, laptops, computers, and more, making sure your website looks great everywhere is necessary to reach your entire online audience.  Responsive web design is the solution to this problem.  Langdon Designs specializes in responsive web design. 


The web is for all.  Whether addressing accessibility to reach a greater audience, fulfill Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, address Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, comply with an Office of Civil Rights complaint, or some other reason, Langdon Designs can help you address your accessibility concerns. 


Long past are the days of only selling in brick and mortar locations.  The online marketplace is open to everyone.   Attract customers to your new web store, find the right platform for your sales, or address an ever increasing need to optimize your revenue stream through marketing.  We can help get your eCommerce business on track at .

Content Management System

Today, more than 75 million websites use Woodpress,  10 million Joomla!, and many on Drupal.  These are just a few content management solutions we can help you install and run for your new website.  Starting a blog?  Need lots of users to collaborate on a project?  Whatever the need, we can help you apply the right CMS. 

Single Page or Easy Editing

Is website creation way too complicated? Do the free website creation tools still seem too complicated? Let us get you started in an easy drag and drop interface that you will own that is responsive, custom, and works on mobile without the need for an app. 

Search Engine Optimization

Can't find your website on google search?  We know why and can help with that.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical in today's online environment.  We can help you strengthen your visibility across search engines directly increasing your visitors and return of investment (ROI).

Search Engine Marketing

Even the most optimized website needs a boost from time to time.  Search Engine Marketing takes Search Engine Optimization to the next level and directs the best target audience towards your products.   With ever changing search engine algorithms, your website may need to target a selection of individuals to meet this months quotas.  Langdon Designs help get you the best return of investment (ROI) by working with your company to identify the target audience, campaign allowances, and diversification of online marketing resources.  Making sure your site shows up on top for the right group at the right time.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an integral part of modern life.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest , and many other platforms are utilized daily by billions of users.  With the right investment, time, and approach, we can help you optimize your return of investment at Langdon Designs.


Need to find the perfect host for your website or content, but don't know where to get started? Databases, e-mail accounts, custom domain names, and much more seem to complicated?  Contact us today and we can help get your website on the right host.  Many times end users and companies buy website hosting that does not match their needs.  A photojournalist purchases hosting only to discover that hosting large photos are not allowed. A company has website hosting and e-mail accounts, but for some reason their e-mails run way too slow.  Finding the right hosting solution for your website or content is crucial to keeping your costs down and productivity up. 

Website Management

Current Websites

Located at  ScottLBedell, Bedell fully manages all aspects of this site.  First created in 2009 as a basic flash portfolio website, this site has transformed over the years.  The first iteration of this site was a mock up of the main screen of a Yamaha M7CL sound board.  Reflecting Bedell's creativity and passion for sound design.  This site quickly became obsolete as Bedell's theatre portfolio greatly expanded.  In order to catalog all of the different works that Bedell was venturing into, a WordPress site was created.  Over the years, this site had many different themes; however, in an effort to streamline and conform to standards for accessibility, in early 2018 the website switched over to the custom solution now visible on the website.

Located at  Langdon Designs, this site hosts information on independent consulting, website creation, and photography.

Located at Theatre-Universe,  this site is dedicated to providing job opportunities for theatre professionals.  Unfortunately, this site attempted to go live as a job site in 2020.  Due to the unforeseeable consequences of COVID-19, marketing and pushing this tool to theatrical communities is on hold.  Still the product serves as a showcase for different website techniques and tools created by Bedell.

At Oswego Community Unit School District 308, Bedell serves as the District Grand Webmaster managing the SD308 homepage and its nineteen school sub-pages.  He interacts with over twenty webmasters and thousands of staff members to coordinate all of the school district information to greater Oswego community.  Keeping a custom, responsive, content management website that is accessible to individuals with disabilities in compliance with the requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

This site includes a robust CMS provided by Blackboard that links into all SchoolWires and Blackboard applications.  Allowing for integration of student, parent, staff, and teacher accounts for use of online application modules that allow for seamless collaboration on homework, calendars, discussion boards, and other tools provided by Blackboard.

In addition to this, Bedell oversees twenty Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages related to the school district and its individual schools.

Past Websites

While serving as the Theatre Manager of the Wildey Theatre in Edwardsville, Illinois, Bedell oversaw the Wildey Theatre online presence including its website, digital media, social media, and much more. is a simple content management system website built on CMS Builder.  The original website was designed by Inlandesign of Edwardsville, Illinois.  This website is not responsive or accessible, but met the City of Edwardsville desire to have a website with a menu header that matched the physical Wildey Theatre building. 

While managing this site, Bedell listed over 500 events on separate pages and integrated the accessible ticket services provided by Vendini, Inc for the venue. 

Concert & Live Event Photography

In addition to nature photography showcased at Langdon Designs Photography, Bedell is a skilled concert, musical, and other live event photographer.  Bedell started out as an event photographer in 2012 and could not put the camera down after that.  Striving to capture the rhythm, emotion, and context of every performance, each photo is just as unique as the live event itself.  For more event photography please view the Production History page.